3D Virtual tours in Real Estate

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

How 3D tours can influence the sale of a Home

In this new age, going out and looking at a house in person is quickly becoming something of the past. Especially now, with the pandemic, everyone is nervous about going out to see a home because most are afraid of who the may run into and what they may catch. Couple that with a busy life, it is almost impossible to see a home anyway!

Get up, wake the kids and get them off to school. Get yourself ready and head to work, come home, homework, dinner, bath time, story time off to bed, rinse and repeat. That is why 3D virtual tours have become so necessary in the Real Estate world.

“This is the future of touring all properties, allowing thousands of prospects to tour each day while reducing the need for human leasing agents,” “It’ll be global—and it’s going to change the industry.”

This was a quote from Chris Vasilakis, a man who works in the VR world in Tampa.

He is right, it is already changing the way people look for a home. It may be that soon, agents will not even be needed and a home can be toured, bought and paid for online with the use of Virtual Tours.

This type of photography has the ability to show any space in a 3 Dimensional way that makes the viewer feel as if they are actually there, and with the right program, the one who took the footage can enable the viewer to control where they go and how in an interactive way!

So why do we need agents? I guess the interaction with someone who you think understands you and your needs, or someone to sort out the good from the bad and ugly. Either way, the Virtual tour is coming for jobs, like everything else in this crazy world.

We conduct Virtual Tours in our business, and if you want more information on how it's done, or schedule us to take one for you, please contact us today so we can get it scheduled.

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