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I am a Marine Vet who has been taking pictures since high School, and got into videography when my wife and I met in 1999. I have a wife, and 2 great kids. A son and a daughter. I am originally from a very small county in north Florida, Liberty County and graduated there in 1994 after being away in Hawaii for more than 8 years. My wife is of Mexican decent, and I love everything about the Latin Culture, especially the food! I run my business unlike most, I believe that everyone should be treated as if they are a part of my family, and I want to treat them like I would any other member of it. I keep my prices low so that everyone can have great services without feeling like they have to fork over all this money, everyone else wants your money, so I try to stay within your budget. I will not invoice until the customer is happy, we are a family business that just wants to help people! I do a lot of work with Non-Profit organizations like the Knights of Columbus and St Jude Children's Hospital. Most Non-profits just want to help as many people as they can, and we share the same goals.

You will always be treated like family in my home, and in my business.